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As God makes so is.

. Rikk Love - The biography.

Rikk Love - The biography.

Rikk Love.

A rapper, the person, a musician.

Born in Switzerland in 1982.
To a French-Swiss speaking family.
His Grandmother, Father sides was born and raised in Africa, Morocco and Tunisia.
His step, and only known Grandfather Father sides was Ticino Italian, Swiss French and Swiss speaking.
His Grandparents Mother sides were immigrated from northern Europe and Swiss speaking.
Christmas family meetings and grandparential and auntial stays were often
held in Italian speaking Switzerland a few miles from Italy.

- I was born in Kriens at the foot of the mount Pilatus in the home of my parents
in the kitchen to the hands of Yahveh my God and God.
Received to life and to the light of God by the aid of a nun to his Mother. -

His first steps outside and alone by God he made equally so on a lightfull
and sunshining day in the back-inyard parking lot to his home.
The neighborhood youth of all ages stop playing football in witness,
his Mother not very far behind.
He grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland with early lengthier and nature close stays in Italy and France.

Not yet in the kindergarden he started an early career of attempted music recording
on his non recording but equipped for Fisherprice cassette player and his first music cassette.
After the recording seal of the cassette was broken he made a recording
with the eventually possible result of a couple of seconds of black noise.

With African born, French Swiss and Swiss family.
He is Jewish.

As God makes so is.


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