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"Future's Kiss (My Angel)" The US-english debut single.

Rikk Love - News 1 - Future's Kiss (My Angel)

Future's Kiss (My Angel)

Debut single.

"Future's Kiss (My Angel)" the first single of Rikk Love.
Recorded in New York Manhattan
equally so his first recorded US-english rap lyrics.
With timely added destinctions of wide and undeprived clarity
opening up for the times as if they were shifted to simply come together
to be the right now.
With the up rhythmic drums of bassy boominess to the
guitary and warmly spaciness of melodious rhythmic
the tune swings in a voice of newly brethened live of now,
the right now.
Written, instrumentated and voiced by the artist.
The first single and US-english debut single of Rikk Love.

"Future's Kiss (My Angel)"




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